Veruxe is a men’s fashion brand that specializes in fashion products based on leather materials and other accessories that have a “mature” style selection, which is simple and minimalist but elegant and exclusive. Apart from style, the main value of Veruxe is premium product quality and emphasis on authenticity. Although offering products that are equivalent to high-end fashion brands, Veruxe offers value-for-money prices because they are handmade by local leather craftsmen.

Veruxe offers various types and models of men’s fashion products made from leather. The leather material used by Veruxe is high quality leather which of course has passed several stages of quality control. Materials that have met the qualifications and passed the quality control process are then processed directly by hand by domestic professional leather craftsmen. In the manufacturing process, the craftsmen pay attention to every detail of production so that the final product is obtained that has a high level of accuracy and precision. The finished product will then be subjected to quality control again to see product details and obtain a perfect result equivalent to a high-end fashion brand.

As a fashion brand, Veruxe also opens up collaboration opportunities with partners who want to get a supply of leather products. Veruxe is also very accepting of requests for custom leather products for the purposes of large events with large quantities. Veruxe is happy to accept requests for wholesale orders, both domestically and abroad. “Indonesian handcrafted leather products, ready to go international”


a. Demographic:
– Age: 17-40 Years
– Gender: Male
– Middle class and upper class
b. Geographical:
– Indonesia (except the island of Papua)
– Population size 270 million
– Tropical climate
c. Behavioristic:
– Busy at work
– Shop online (because it’s more practical)
– Likes to travel (hangout)
d Psychographics:
– Fashion conscious (fashion executor)
– Simple style fashion


Veruxe uses a target market setting strategy in the form of consumer preferences, namely market segments that have special preferences for mature style. Specifically, Veruxe’s ​​targeting is the male gender demographic with an age range of 17-40 years belonging to the mid-upper class social status. Psychologically, Veruxe’s ​​target market is those who have a luxurious lifestyle and like simple, minimalist, and elegant fashion styles. Meanwhile, behaviorally, Veruxe’s ​​target market is those who are accustomed to buying branded goods and prioritize product quality.


The positioning of Veruxe itself is a men’s fashion brand where people can get products so that they can look mature with a character that is simple and minimalist but exclusive and elegant, in addition to the main value in terms of quality and authenticity. The tagline of Veruxe is “For the mature”.

Our Team

The team behind VERUXE

Charisel Lim


Verrell Sutanto


Carlence Maurlen